Only two weeks left of our seasonal discount offer

Our Season of Giving promotion which includes $750 off our most popular models will be ending Feb. 15th. If you want to take advantage of the savings please get started now and make an appointment before it’s too late.

We can help you set up your appointment – register online, give us a call or send an email – whatever is easiest for you.

SpeechEasy owners can order supplies online

SpeechEasy owners who need supplies can easily order them online through our Janus Development Group Express store. Some of the items in the store include:

large and small cases
wax cleaning brushes
dry aid kits
SpeechEasy workbooks

We are constantly adding more to our store. If there is something you need for your SpeechEasy that we are not carrying please let us know. The store can be accessed here:

Be sure to bookmark it for future reference!

Happy New Year! Save on SpeechEasy all month long!

SpeechEasy is helping to start your New Year off right with the opportunity to purchase a SpeechEasy at great savings. Our money-saving Season of Giving promotion continues this month and doesn’t end until February 15th.

Here are the details of the offer:

· Receive $750 off our most popular models of SpeechEasy
· All other SpeechEasy models are $250 off during this time
· No coupon needed
· Receive $150 rebate towards your SpeechEasy evaluation
· Includes a 60 day risk-free trial period
· One year manufacturer’s warranty included
· Easy 0% financing plans available

Our Season of Giving promotional prices are good for any device purchased between now and February 15th, 2016.

SpeechEasy to celebrate 15 years of serving those who stutter

2016 will mark our 15th year of providing the world’s smallest and most effective anti-stuttering device to those who stutter. We are planning some special events so that our Providers and clients celebrate with us, so please make sure to let us know if you have changed your physical or email address so we can remain in touch and let you know what we are planning.

We will continue to do our best to make sure our clients receive the best care and service.

Thank you for all your support and for placing your trust in us.

Season of Giving offer from SpeechEasy: Save $750

At SpeechEasy we know that this time of year is the season for giving. Whether for yourself or someone you know we hope our Season of Giving promotion helps to make the holidays brighter.

  • Receive $750 off our most popular models of SpeechEasy
  • Other SpeechEasy models receive $250 off during this time
  • No coupon needed
  • Get $150 rebate towards your SpeechEasy evaluation
  • 60 day risk-free trial period
  • One year free manufacturer’s warranty
  • Easy 0% financing plans available

Our Season of Giving promotional prices are good for any device purchased between now and February 15th, 2016.

Completing an evaluation with one of our SpeechEasy Providers is the first step in seeing if SpeechEasy is right for you or someone you know. Let us know if we can help get you in touch with a Provider in your area so you don’t miss out on this special, limited-time offer!

We hope you have a great Season of Giving.

Commonly asked questions about SpeechEasy

We receive lots of questions by phone, email or live chat and thought you may want to see some of them…with the answers of course.
How long has SpeechEasy been around?
The first SpeechEasy was sold in 2001. Over 11,000 are in use today.
How does SpeechEasy work for people who stutter?
SpeechEasy works by altering sound so that the user hears their own voice at a slight delay and at a different pitch. The purpose of the delay and pitch change is to recreate a natural phenomenon known as the “choral effect”. The choral effect occurs when people speak or sing in unison with others and has been demonstrated to dramatically reduce or eliminate stutteredspeech.
How much does SpeechEasy cost?
SpeechEasy comes in four models and cost varies depending on the model chosen. Prices range from $2500 – $4500.  Financing plans and many funding options are available.
How old do you have to be to use SpeechEasy?
Although we rely on our SpeechEasy Providers to help clients determine whether SpeechEasy is right for them, we do recommend that clients be at least 8 years old.
Got a question?
Email, call (866-551-9042) or chat with us! We’d love to hear from you.

Back to School Discount Ends October 31st, 2015

Since August 1, 2015, we have been offering $500 off our two most popular models – the Comfort Fit (CF) and Completely-in-Canal (CIC). The deadline for this promotion is quickly approaching so be sure to act now and take advantage of this special offer.

Both the CF and CIC are effective and discreet – just what students say they want. Our clients tell us that their improved performance in school is directly related to how much more fluent they are when using SpeechEasy.

You can get started by scheduling an evaluation with a SpeechEasy Provider now. This is the first step and since each of our Provider’s schedules vary, you will want to reach out to them directly to set up your appointment. If you have already been evaluated by a Provider in the past, contact us or your Provider so that you can take advantage of this great offer.

Halloween has its scary moments

There are some truly frightening costumes out there during Halloween that give us a jolt of adrenaline when we least expect it. Thank goodness most of the frightening is done in good fun.

For a person who stutters there are some scary moments too. One of the questions we ask during a SpeechEasy evaluation is what situations are the hardest for you. Those situations are real and include:

  • Speaking on the phone
  • Ordering in a restaurant
  • Reading out loud to a group
  • Giving a speech
  • Confronting Dracula(well not really)

To a person who stutters these moments can be really scary or dreadful to say the least. The beauty of SpeechEasy is that it can be worn when you need it for those days and times when fluency is challenging for you.

But, it may not help you with Dracula.