Article from the Herald News of Alabama

Photo courtesy of Earline Banks.

LEEDS, AL – Herald News has just reported on the Toby Bank Benefit Foundation awarding a Speecheasy device last month, and they are fortunate enough to have raised enough money to award a second of these worthwhile devices that aid those with severe stuttering problems.

Deborah Boswell (Speech Therapist) inserts Speecheasy device into Michael Mearns ear. Photo courtesy of Earline Banks. (click for larger image)

The second device was presented to Michael Mearns and he is 48 years old. He has been a stutterer since early childhood. Being classified as a “severe” stutterer has caused him much pain and embarrassment. He said ” without question the most difficult time period for me was being a teenager and going through school.” He is now a letter carrier. Because of his stuttering, he has missed out on many opportunities for employment.

He appreciates the Toby Banks Foundation giving him this device that will help him with his stuttering. He said he looks forward to talking on the phone and ordering at restaurants.

We, as the committee for the Toby Banks Foundation, want to thank each person that has participated in any way in the golf tournaments over the years. Without your help we would not be celebrating our 10th anniversary this year, said Earline Banks of the Foundation Committee. If you are interested in participating by donations, hole sponsorship or team sponsorship, you can call Earline Banks @ 699-8805, Donny Fulmer @699-7286 or Gary Anderson @699-2605.

The 2012 tournament is Monday June 18th and there is still time to call and get involved.

L-R – Deborah Boswell, Michael Mearns, Toby Banks, Donny Fulmer, Earline Banks.


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Our Oprah experience

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It is still amazing how many people say they heard about SpeechEasy from the Oprah Winfrey show. That was almost 10 years ago now! There have been lots of other TV, radio and newspaper stories about SpeechEasy but Oprah is what people remember the most it seems. The few employees that were at SpeechEasy then said it was “CRAZY!!” but they did their best to meet the demand for and questions about SpeechEasy. Of course the website crashed after the show aired.

The flip side of this however is now there are so many people we talk to who have never heard about SpeechEasy being on Oprah.

After Oprah, SpeechEasy was also featured on numerous other shows and TV Stations. This video is from Good Morning America:

Article and photos from The Herald News of Alabama.

At the Speech Therapy offices of Deborah Boswell this past Saturday Jonathan Harris was presented the 2011 SpeechEasy award and claimed his SpeechEasy device. Harris is 34 years old and lives in Birmingham, Alabama. Harris’s stuttering is severe and talking on the phone is a struggle and seriously interferes with his ability to interview for jobs. As Harris explained to foundation members during the recipent interview process, “It is much easier to go through temp agencies to find jobs than to go on interviews”. He now has a job working for a insurance company.

Harris is also an artist and one of his paintings is hanging in the Speech Therapist, Deborah Boswell, office as shown in the photo with Boswell.

Foundation member Earline Banks told the Herald that Harris was such a delight to meet and the Toby Banks Benefit Foundation, Inc committee, is thrilled to be able to award the SpeechEasy device to him from the 2011 tournament. He was so thankful that we gave him this opportunity to have a SpeechEasy device.

The device has a proven record of helping those that stutter and was invented after a decade of research at East Carolina University who has licensed the right to distribute SpeechEasy to Janus Development Group, Inc. The Toby Banks Benefit Foundation helps worthy recipients own the device that they often could not afford on their own.

Banks wanted to give special thanks to the communities, golfers, hole sponsors, businesses and individuals that donate to this worthy cause each year.

This year’s tournament is June 18th. So if you are interested in participating in the event in anyway, please feel free to call, Earline Banks, 699-8805, Donny Fulmer, 699-7286 or Gary Anderson, 699-2605. The foundation would also like to remind you that tax-deductible donations are accepted year round to assist in this worthwhile cause.

Article written by David Hogan

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