Back to School discount offer ends this month

The $600 discount offer on our most popular models ends on October 31st. If you need help in setting up an appointment with a SpeechEasy Provider please let us know soon.

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SpeechEasy has a national Provider network

You may not know this, but SpeechEasy has over 110 Providers in the U.S. located in 45 states. Each Provider is an independently licensed and ASHA-certified Speech-Language Pathologist. Each one has been trained to evaluate, assess, dispense and provide follow up consultation for our SpeechEasy clients. Every SpeechEasy sold in the United States has been prescribed by our Providers who offer unbiased professional recommendations.

Today, people are more mobile than ever. It’s good to know that even if SpeechEasy clients move a SpeechEasy Provider is there for them.

Ready to answer?


Are you or someone you know ready to answer at moments like these?

  • The teacher asks, “What did you do this summer?”
  • The police officer asks “Do you know why I stopped you?”
  • The waiter asks “What would you like to order?”
  • The boss asks “Can you take this call?”

Many stuttering treatments and therapies are conducted in offices or cubicles…not in the real world.

In real life you need to be ready to answer and say what you want to say.

That’s where SpeechEasy helps. As one client stated, “It’s like taking my speech therapy with me.” SpeechEasy is ready to help when you are ready to answer. SpeechEasy adds the help you need to more effectively use with the speech techniques you’ve learned.

Right now it’s easy to try SpeechEasy and start to see whether it’s the tool you need for real life situations.

Our Back to School discount promotion is now going on and is designed to save you up to $600 if you decide to purchase. Give us a call or check out our website now.

Let’s Talk Fluency $500 promotional discount ends in June

June 30 th is the final day you can take advantage of our Let’s Talk Fluency promotion. With this promotion you receive a $500 discount on our most popular SpeechEasy model, the Comfort Fit. You still have time to get this savings but you need to act soon especially if you have yet to be evaluated. Our Provider schedules fill up quickly during the summer months so let us know how we can help if you need to schedule a time to try SpeechEasy.

Long-time client Ben Kordsmeier tells how SpeechEasy has helped

In 2004 a young Ben Kordsmeier purchased his first SpeechEasy. A few years later he allowed us to film him and his mom in order to share their experience. You can watch the video here.

Now, over 10 years later Ben purchased his second SpeechEasy and is entering nursing school. He was recently interviewed by a TV station and he shared his story again. We hope you enjoy seeing how Ben has used SpeechEasy over the years to help him reach his goals in life and improve his fluency.


Season of Giving offer from SpeechEasy: Save $750

At SpeechEasy we know that this time of year is the season for giving. Whether for yourself or someone you know we hope our Season of Giving promotion helps to make the holidays brighter.

  • Receive $750 off our most popular models of SpeechEasy
  • Other SpeechEasy models receive $250 off during this time
  • No coupon needed
  • Get $150 rebate towards your SpeechEasy evaluation
  • 60 day risk-free trial period
  • One year free manufacturer’s warranty
  • Easy 0% financing plans available

Our Season of Giving promotional prices are good for any device purchased between now and February 15th, 2016.

Completing an evaluation with one of our SpeechEasy Providers is the first step in seeing if SpeechEasy is right for you or someone you know. Let us know if we can help get you in touch with a Provider in your area so you don’t miss out on this special, limited-time offer!

We hope you have a great Season of Giving.

Commonly asked questions about SpeechEasy

We receive lots of questions by phone, email or live chat and thought you may want to see some of them…with the answers of course.
How long has SpeechEasy been around?
The first SpeechEasy was sold in 2001. Over 11,000 are in use today.
How does SpeechEasy work for people who stutter?
SpeechEasy works by altering sound so that the user hears their own voice at a slight delay and at a different pitch. The purpose of the delay and pitch change is to recreate a natural phenomenon known as the “choral effect”. The choral effect occurs when people speak or sing in unison with others and has been demonstrated to dramatically reduce or eliminate stutteredspeech.
How much does SpeechEasy cost?
SpeechEasy comes in four models and cost varies depending on the model chosen. Prices range from $2500 – $4500.  Financing plans and many funding options are available.
How old do you have to be to use SpeechEasy?
Although we rely on our SpeechEasy Providers to help clients determine whether SpeechEasy is right for them, we do recommend that clients be at least 8 years old.
Got a question?
Email, call (866-551-9042) or chat with us! We’d love to hear from you.