Season of Giving offers from SpeechEasy: Save $1000

At SpeechEasy we know that this time of year is the season for giving. Whether for yourself or someone you know we have some great offers and options for you.

  • Receive $1000 off our most popular models of SpeechEasy untilFeb.15, 2015.
  • No coupon needed
  • Get $100 rebate towards your SpeechEasy evaluation
  • 60 day risk-free trial period
  • One year free manufacturer’s warranty
  • Easy 0% financing plans available-as low as $75 per month

Time is short and some of these offers won’t last forever. Here’s hoping you have a great Season of Giving. 

SpeechEasy exhibits at national speech convention Nov. 19-22

SpeechEasy attended and exhibited at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) convention in Orlando, Florida. Over 12,000 were in attendance.

Members of the SpeechEasy team were able to demonstrate and explain how SpeechEasy works for those who stutter and also how SpeechEasyPD can be helpful with those with Parkinson’s speech issues. It’s a great privilege to be able to share the successes of SpeechEasy clients with this group of professionals so they can relay this information to their own clients.

Back to School promotion helps school age clients

For the last few months we were offering an evaluation rebate of $200 in order to help encourage and assist those wishing to try SpeechEasy. We asked on our rebate form to share with us the age of the client being evaluated and we are happy to report that we have redeemed over thirty $200 rebates to school-aged clients. Of course, many of those ended up purchasing a SpeechEasy and we wish them the best as they continue their schooling with improved fluency.

What happens at a SpeechEasy evaluation?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions that we receive here at SpeechEasy. During an evaluation our Providers have been trained to help give you an accurate assessment of your stuttering and the effect SpeechEasy has on it. Yes, you get to try a real SpeechEasy and see all the available models in person.

But, there is more to an evaluation than that.

As professionally certified Speech Language Pathologists our Providers want to make sure that SpeechEasy is the best therapy option for you. Remember there is never an obligation to buy a SpeechEasy during your Provider appointment.

Although evaluation experiences will differ, here are some of the recommended steps we train our Providers to include:

  • A frank discussion about your past experiences and therapy. This helps make sure you and your fluency goals are realistic and attainable.
  • A review of how the choral speech signal that SpeechEasy utilizes works for most people who stutter.
  • A baseline assessment of your fluency without SpeechEasy in reading and monologue.
  • An assessment of your fluency with a SpeechEasy device and a discussion of changes in fluency noted.
  • Programming of the device to ascertain the most beneficial delay and pitch settings for maximum fluency for you.
  • A trial period during the allotted evaluation time when you wear a real SpeechEasy device and try it for yourself.
  • A professional recommendation from your Provider as whether SpeechEasy is the right option for your stuttering management.
  • A discussion about the various models and which would be most appropriate for you should you choose to purchase.
  • A summary about funding options may be discussed with your Provider but many times these can be reviewed with us here at SpeechEasy prior to your appointment. You can go ahead and complete our credit application at any time.

The decision to begin the process and see if SpeechEasy is right for you begins with the investment in this valuable time with one of our Providers. There are over 110 caring Providers located throughout the United States who are ready to help you make a decision about your fluency options. We’ll be glad to help you set up an appointment.

October 31st last day to receive $200 evaluation rebate

Please don’t let the opportunity to save $200 on a SpeechEasy evaluation pass you by. If you wish to try SpeechEasy at one of our SpeechEasy Provider’s offices, you can save by scheduling before our Back to School evaluation rebate offer expires on October 31st.

Over 60 people have taken advantage of this offer in the last several weeks. Many have found that some of our Providers have also reduced their rates and the SpeechEasy evaluation was effectively free or at a minimum charge when the rebate was utilized.

In addition to the rebate offer we are also offering a $600 discount on our three most popular models of SpeechEasy. There is no coupon required to receive this great pricing.

New Providers ready to serve you

We want to welcome Jennifer Sherley, Katie Gore and Mary Weidner to our SpeechEasy family of Providers. Each of them are licensed and ASHA certified Speech Language Pathologists with a passion for helping those who stutter.

Jennifer is located in Seattle, Washington. She was previously a SpeechEasy Provider a couple of years ago with another firm and has now opened up her own Speech Pathology practice where she can serve SpeechEasy clients.

Katie is located in the heart of Chicago, Illinois, and is the owner of Speech IRL. She is also chapter leader of the Chicago chapter of the National Stuttering Association.

Mary is located at West Virginia University in Morganton, West Virginia, where she is a doctoral candidate in the Communication Sciences and Disorders program.

We are honored to have such fine people who have been trained to help our clients. If we can assist you or someone you know in making an appointment please let us know.

Fall semester begins: Check out our Back to School offer

If you would like to see how SpeechEasy could help your fluency, we have a great offer still going on right now. We are offering a significant rebate of $200 off a SpeechEasy evaluation and $600 off the cost of our three most popular models.

Our Back to School offer ends October 31st so please don’t wait. The first step is making an appointment with a Speecheasy Provider. Obtain the special evaluation rebate form from us by requesting it through our website or contacting us directly.


SpeechEasy Facebook page needs you

We want you to be a follower of our Facebook page. It’s our community of users, Providers, professionals and others interested in what’s going on with SpeechEasy. Over the next few months we will be letting our Facebook fans in on promotional offers, special announcements and giveaways you will be sure to “like”…no pun intended.

Join us now!


FluencyCoach app growing in use

Don’t forget about our free fluency software FluencyCoach. FluencyCoach uses both a delay and pitch change – just like SpeechEasy and it’s a FREE way to sample the effects. You can get FluencyCoach for your computer ( or on your Apple product by searching for it in the app store.

SpeechEasy “Back to School” Special Promotion Has Started

We know summer is only half way through, but at SpeechEasy we are getting ready to go back to school! Our Back to School promotion is designed for everyone, but is geared towards those in school who are looking to improve their speech. This promotion began on July 7th, 2014 and will run through October 31st, 2014. During this time, we are offering a substantial savings on both the initial evaluation and the device itself.

For this limited time you can receive up to a $200 rebate on the cost of your initial evaluation with your SpeechEasy Provider AND purchase one of our 3 most popular SpeechEasy models with a $600 discount! That’s a savings worth up to $800 and is designed to help students at the beginning of the school year.

Our clients tell us that their improved performance in school is directly related to how much more fluency they are having when using SpeechEasy.

The first step is getting the special evaluation rebate form from us by requesting it through our website or contacting us directly. Then, contact your local SpeechEasy Provider to set up your evaluation. If you choose to purchase a device during this promotion, the price will automatically be adjusted for you.

Contact us today to get ready to go Back to School!

Pursuing Vocational Rehabilitation Funding: Does Your Counselor Know About SpeechEasy?

As you may be aware, Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) has funded hundreds of SpeechEasy devices across the US. VR is a state by state resource that helps those with disabilities either find employment or move further in their current employment. For people who stutter, this may be the best avenue to secure funding. Because stuttering can have an impact on gaining employment and/or moving up in a current job, VR is there to help. But, don’t assume the VR counselor knows what SpeechEasy is or how effective SpeechEasy can be.

Recently, one of our Speecheasy Providers was presenting SpeechEasy to a group of VR counselors and noted that only a few of them had even heard of SpeechEasy. They were frankly relieved to know that there was help out there for those who stutter because they realized how stuttering can limit someone during a job interview or while completing day-to-day tasks while on the job. Clear communication is key in most every job situation.

Going through the VR process may take some time as each state has it’s own criteria as to who qualifies, but if you educate yourself, educate your counselor and become your own, best advocate – they can be an amazing resource.

If you are thinking of pursuing VR funding, know we are here to help! Be sure to go to our website and request a SpeechEasy information packet to give to the counselor assigned to you to help make sure they are aware of SpeechEasy. Or give us the counselor’s name and address and we’ll mail one out for you. We also have a Funding Coordinator on staff, Carrie White, who is well versed in the VR process and procedures. Feel free to contact her with your specific situation and she’ll be happy to help!