Let’s Talk Fluency $500 promotional discount ends in June

June 30 th is the final day you can take advantage of our Let’s Talk Fluency promotion. With this promotion you receive a $500 discount on our most popular SpeechEasy model, the Comfort Fit. You still have time to get this savings but you need to act soon especially if you have yet to be evaluated. Our Provider schedules fill up quickly during the summer months so let us know how we can help if you need to schedule a time to try SpeechEasy.

Long-time client Ben Kordsmeier tells how SpeechEasy has helped

In 2004 a young Ben Kordsmeier purchased his first SpeechEasy. A few years later he allowed us to film him and his mom in order to share their experience. You can watch the video here.

Now, over 10 years later Ben purchased his second SpeechEasy and is entering nursing school. He was recently interviewed by a TV station and he shared his story again. We hope you enjoy seeing how Ben has used SpeechEasy over the years to help him reach his goals in life and improve his fluency.


May is Better Hearing and Speech Month- See our special offer

Each May, the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) celebrates Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM). According to the ASHA website, this month “provides an opportunity to raise awareness about communication disorders and role of ASHA members in providing life-altering treatment”.

As you know, all of our SpeechEasy Providers are licensed and certified ASHA Speech Language Pathologists. Many of them are joining with us to celebrate this month by giving special considerations to those who may be seeking fluency help.

SpeechEasy is offering our most popular model of SpeechEasy at a reduced price and is providing SpeechEasy evaluation rebates to those who are being evaluated for the first time. You can learn more on our website’s offer page.

What a great time to see what SpeechEasy can do to improve your fluency!

SpeechEasy names Essenburg as Premier Provider in San Diego

Recently, Mellisa Essenburg, a long-time Provider in San Diego was named one of SpeechEasy’s Premier Providers. Melissa joined our network of Providers in June 2003.

A native of Canada, Mellisa has called California home since 1999. She received her BS degree in Canada and her Master’s in Speech and Language Pathology from Northern Arizona University.

Mellisa has evaluated and dispensed to over 70 SpeechEasy clients in the San Diego area. As a Premier Provider she will be able to dispense a SpeechEasy Comfort Fit device at the time of the evaluation if the client so desires.

If you need to schedule a time to try SpeechEasy with Mellisa or any of our other 110 US SpeechEasy Providers just let us know. We’ll be glad to help.

Get your $250 evaluation rebate offer soon!

If you haven’t been evaluated for SpeechEasy for stuttering or SpeechEasyPD for Parkinson’s speech issues please take advantage of our $250 evaluation rebate offer before July 31, 2015. The rebate offer will no longer be available after that date. Here’s the direct link to our request page or you can simply email us and let us know.

The first step in seeing if SpeechEasy or SpeechEasyPD is right for you is to attend a SpeechEasy evaluation with one of our trained Providers. EverySpeechEasy Provider is a licensed and certified Speech Language Pathologist qualified to help assess and recommend fluency options for our clients.

Free materials available for support group leaders

If you participate or lead a support group for stuttering or Parkinson’s, please let us know if you would like to have free information materials sent to you in order to share with your group. We have brochures and handouts that help explain how SpeechEasy works and options available. Presentation slides are also available if you prefer.

Some of our Providers schedules allow them to speak to groups in person. We will be glad to coordinate with them or let you know if one is available in your area for such a visit. Let us know by emailing us at sales@speecheasy.com

$250 SpeechEasy Evaluation Rebate Now Available

The first step in seeing if SpeechEasy is right for you is to attend a SpeechEasy evaluation with one of our trained SpeechEasy Providers. Every SpeechEasy Provider is a licensed and certified Speech Language Pathologist qualified to help assess and recommend fluency options for our clients.

We are offering a $250 evaluation rebate as a way to help offset the cost of the evaluation. Just contact us or request an information packet and we will mail you our evaluation rebate form.

SpeechEasy funding help

So, you don’t have a few thousand bucks lying around? Most people don’t. But that doesn’t mean you cannot get a SpeechEasy.

In fact, only about 25% of new owners of a SpeechEasy buy it outright! That’s right, most of our clients use one of our funding sources in order to obtain the world’s smallest anti-stuttering device available. Those funding sources include our leasing plans, zero percent financing plans, Vocational Rehabilitation assistance, the Veteran’s Administration and in some cases, private insurance. If you think you would like to pursue one of these options, please contact us here at SpeechEasy and we’ll help get you started.

Carrie is our funding specialist and she is available to give you advice and guidance. There is no charge to apply for our financing plan.

So email or call us. We would love to hear from you.


Our free apps help clients try Altered Auditory Feedback

SpeechEasy has two free apps to help people who stutter and patients with Parkinson’s speech issues sample the effect that Altered Auditory Feedback (AAF) may have on their fluency. Altered Auditory Feedback technology simulates the effects of “Choral Speech” (speaking simultaneously with another person). It has been known for years that choral speech can promote fluency. This effect is used in both SpeechEasy and SpeechEasyPD.

The two apps are called FluencyCoach (for stuttering) and Parkinson’s Speech Aid (for Parkinson’s speech issues). Both are available on the App Store. FluencyCoach is also available for downloading on your PC at www.fluencycoach.com


Mom shares son’s experience with SpeechEasy

Recently, an excited Mom shared her son’s experience and improved fluency with us through our Facebook page.

Here’s what she said:

I rarely post anything personal on facebook. Yet something happened yesterday, that for me, was a miracle. Many of you know that my dear son, Nicholas, has a very pronounced stutter. Making everything he encounters a struggle. From a simple phone call to a job interview is impacted. I have watched him over the years put up with, well meaning people, that try to finish his sentences. Individuals and friends that simple turn their attention away as he attempts to get the words out. Yet, he never stops trying to speak. He bravely wants to work with the public. His courage and humor over the years has been inspiring Thankfully the people that love him just wait for the words to come forth. One of his dearest friends once said that Nick doesn’t stutter, he is just buffering. He has so much to share yet it is tempered by finding words he thinks he can say. Sooooo, (I know, long intro) we went to a speech Pathologist yesterday that fitted Nick with a device (worn like a hearing aid). He picked up a piece of paper and started to read it out loud. There was no hesitation, no stutter…his eyes opened wide as we sat looking at each other. Incredulous of what was happening. He put the paper down and started to speak to me. Words flooding the room. I have never heard my son (now 28) speak like this. His face lite up as he continued and continued. My eyes of course filling with tears. He even made a telephone call. Lasted six minutes. You see, in stuttering time, it is a million years. Had to smile when the test device had to be removed. He did not want to let it go. His own device will be delivered in 2 weeks. His first call will be to his sister, Anna. He said that she has never heard him speak without a stutter. I think we both shed a tear. His life is forever changed

If you would like to share a story please visit our Facebook page or send it to us at info@speecheasy.com. We’d love to hear from you!