SpeechEasy Newsletter | March 2017

May 26th, 2017 | Posted by SpeechEasy in Stuttering

$500 off SpeechEasy’s most popular model –Let’s Talk Fluency

Beginning on March 3rd, our most popular model of SpeechEasy, the Comfort Fit, will be reduced in price by $500!  This Let’s Talk Fluency promotional discount is available until June 30th.

Comfort Fit is the model preferred by over 80% of our clients because:

  • It is effective in reducing stuttering
  • It requires no ear mold
  • It can be worn in either ear
  • It allows for natural hearing
  • It can be quickly shipped to your SpeechEasy Provider
  • It is highly discreet in appearance
  • Our Premier Providers have these models on hand to dispense immediately

There is no coupon needed and our 0% financing plan is available with this pricing offer.

Contact us now to get started. Let’s Talk Fluency!

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